TextTeaser is an automatic summarization application and API. It allows you to summarize news articles and easily share it to your friends, on your blog, or on various social networks. TextTeaser uses a special algorithm formulated through research to summarize articles. It combines the power of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to produce good results. With these technologies, the algorithm keeps getting better with more articles summarized.

TextTeaser can be used to:

  1. Provide a gist of what an article is all about.
  2. Provide better previews in news readers
  3. Provide summaries for your blog.
  4. Anything a developer can think of.

For a dedicated instance, business support, or an enterprise solution of TextTeaser, just contact us.



Jolo Balbin

Developer, @MojoJolo


Ben Sarmiento

Developer, @BenSarmiento